Serious Games with Essence

What Is A Serious Game?

Serious games are games that do not have entertainment, enjoyment or fun as their primary purpose. There are many examples of serious games in the video game industry, but any game that has a serious purpose can be a serious game. Card games, team games, sorting games or timed activities are all good examples.  Gameplay helps us to learn and perform better in three specific ways:

  • Improved focus and engagement on the task
  • Enhanced collaboration so we reach better decisions
  • Iterative experimentation and improvement

Playing games is easy with Essence cards either in a physical environment or virtually in Essence in Practice TeamSpace™ or on a digital canvas like Mural.  Explore these pages to find out more about Serious Games and learn how to improve your team performance and decision making with Essence games.

Learning Games

Playing games is a great way to learn about something. 

They embody the famous Confucius quote: “Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand”

Playing games requires involvement, so are a great way to help people understand new practices or concepts. 

These games can be played with whole or part practices


Optimizing and Improving Games

Continuous improvement is a core principle in all Agile approaches and it is not just new teams who can improve their practice adoption. 

These games help you identify where you can improve and optimize your practices, including how to get value from multiple practices

Scrum Games

Use the Scrum Foundations and Scrum Essentials cards and tokens to play powerful games that help you understand Scrum better and identify actions and improvements for your team

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