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Scrum with the best!

As partners of Scrum@Scale and Scrum Inc. we can bring the latest innovations in Scrum to your teams. With Jeff Sutherland and the team at Scrum Inc. we have co-created some great Essence based practices in Scrum Essentials and Scrum@Scale Essentials that we can use to support your teams to excel. 

Better Scrum Through Essence Training

Check out our new course, Better Scrum Through Essence.  The course is designed to help teams and Scrum Masters improve their use of Scrum!  Essence certification is included following successful completion of a multiple-choice exam.  Now available for private company delivery, either on-site or on-line!

Scrum based practices

In conjunction with Scrum Inc. we have created some Scrum and Scrum@Scale practices to help teams understand those ways of working better and more quickly.  The practices facilitate the use of serious games that Scrum Masters, Coaches and facilitators can use to teach and re-enforce the key aspects.  Take a look at our CardStore to learn more and download the practices in poker-sized card format.

Better Scrum Through Essence - Full Blog Series

A series of informative blogs introducing the Scrum cards, how they are useful for teams including serious games and how to improve your Scrum adoption:

  • Introduction to the Scrum Essentials
  • Game Play with Practice Patience
  • Practice Patience: An Experience Report
  • Learn with Practice Mapping
  • Practice Mapping – An Experience Report
  • Contract Bridge – Defining your Business Relationship

What does Jeff say?

Over the years, I have heard from many teams the need for a tool that helps accelerate the learning and the application of Scrum. Scrum Essential Cards, capture the key ideas behind Scrum, providing an easy and handy reference guide…

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