Scaled Agile Framework Resources

Need some inspiration to accelerate your SAFe® adoption?

Check out our library of SAFe support tools below.  These assets have built up over years of supporting teams and organizations as they move towards a SAFe way of working.  They are designed to help accelerate learning around the key principles and roles within the framework.  Like what you see and think you need some more hands on help?…  then please contact us…

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Lean Portfolio Management

Some great insights into the world of Lean Portfolio Management.  What it is? Why you would use it? plus some great articles and practical advice around:

  • Portfolio Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)
  • An exploration of Epics
  • Managing Investments
  • Roadmapping and loads more…

Feature State Cards

A great, pocket-sized guide and checklist to help ensure you put just the right amount of effort into describing Features for your upcoming planning event.  The cards are explained in a super helpful four-part article series by our hugely experienced SAFe Fellow, Ian Spence.

SAFe Principles Cards

The SAFe® principles are very powerful but they can be quite hard for people to understand and therefore whole-heartedly support.

To this end we have produced a set of poker-sized cards that we believe present the principles in a self-contained, readily accessible fashion — allowing executives, leaders, and team members to readily understand them and quickly assess their relevance…

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