Innovations for the industry!

We constantly strive to bring innovative new products to the industry of software engineering to help us all do it better, faster, cheaper and happier!  Contact Us to find out more about any of our Products, or follow the links for further detail.

Essence in Practice TeamSpace™

Breaking new ground!  TeamSpace is a unique team productivity tool that helps teams get active guidance on their ways-of-working, ensuring every hour of work is focused on the Essential things.  It helps leaders support their teams with the very latest, state-of-the art practices to improve development efficiency and keep that all important competitive edge!

On-demand Public Training

IJI provides training in a wide variety of subject areas in support of team and organization software development improvement activities.  We provide training direct to the market via our public training academy, or can provide bespoke or standard training provision privately for organizations both as onsite, physically delivered training courses or remotely via electronic means.

Essence in Practice WorkBench™

The development tool ‘behind the scenes’ that allows authors to create and maintain wonderful rich practice content to power teams.

Cards for Serious Games

Visit our Card Store to download an array of handy Essence-based cards to print at home, or visit our online store to order some professionally printed card packs to enhance your serious gameplay!.

Use-Case 2.0 eLearning

Master the new generation of Use-Cases – from the creator of Use-Cases:

  • Start seeing the big picture and the associated business value
  • Everything from User Stories but more
  • An agile, scalable approach ideal to work with popular frameworks such as SAF

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Practice Library

Check out our free-to-browse Practice Library!
The first free-to-browse practice library leveraging the power of the Essence standard that uniquely provides:

  • Small, modular practices - that can be selected individually, or used in different combinations, as required to incrementally improve team collaboration and performance.
  • Composed methods, made up of commonly used combinations of practices that together form cohesive “rapid start” ways-of-working, that can subsequently be adapted or extended by adding or changing practice combinations.

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