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Need some inspiration to accelerate your SAFe® adoption?

Check out our library of SAFe support tools below.  These assets have built up over years of supporting teams and organizations as they move towards a SAFe way of working.  They are designed to help accelerate learning around the key principles and roles within the framework.  Like what you see and think you need some more hands on help?…  then please contact us…

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Lean Portfolio Management

Some great insights into the world of Lean Portfolio Management.  What it is? Why you would use it? plus some great articles and practical advice around:

  • Portfolio Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)
  • An exploration of Epics
  • Managing Investments
  • Roadmapping and loads more…

SAFe Principles Cards

The SAFe® principles are very powerful but they can be quite hard for people to understand and therefore whole-heartedly support.

To this end we have produced a set of poker-sized cards that we believe present the principles in a self-contained, readily accessible fashion — allowing executives, leaders, and team members to readily understand them and quickly assess their relevance…

Feature State Cards

A great, pocket-sized guide and checklist to help ensure you put just the right amount of effort into describing Features for your upcoming planning event.  The cards are explained in a super helpful four-part article series by our hugely experienced SAFe Fellow, Ian Spence.

How to Scale Agile Tutorial

Looking for more information on how businesses can achieve agility at scale? Visit our free Scaling Agility tutorial series, by SAFe™ Fellow Brian Tucker. Across three, twenty minute videos, Brian will guide you through the structures needed to successfully scale agile teams.

Scaling Agility from Scratch

Managing Agile Investments

When and where should projects and agile teams meet?  How much extra do you need to invest to improve the flow of value? Are you new to Participatory Budgeting and Portfolio Flow? This series of blogs by SAFe Fellow and SPCT Brian Tucker, can answer your questions!

Managing Agile Investments

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Free Agile Resources

PI Planning Series

This series of articles to help you prepare for PI Planning starts with the age old question that comes up at every PI Planning exercise.. “Why have objectives, when we have committed to features?”. This article gets to the core of “mission planning” through effective PI objectives. 

PI Objectives

Product Ownership Health Check Guide

Key to realizing benefits from agile is strong customer representation through empowered Product Ownership – to guide the team in delivering a solution that maximizes end-user value. This is also often the hardest agile practice to get working effectively, because of its novelty for many stepping into the role, and because of the challenges in balancing time commitments with existing business responsibilities, and combining incisive decision-making with broad-based stakeholder representation and negotiation.

Our Product Ownership Health Check provides a simple but powerful tool to assess the health of this critical capability, and highlight remedial actions and  improvement opportunities.

Get Certified

Training is a huge part of any successful move to SAFe.  We have trained thousands of students in SAFe, both via our Public Training Academy, or via dedicated private client-specific courses.  Our team of hugely experienced trainers can cover all the current Scaled Agile training course offerings either face-to-face or remotely via electronic means. Alternative if you have approximately 8 or more people in your organization ready to learn and get going with the Scaled Agile Framework, we can run in-house courses for you.

SAFe Certifications

Get Help & Support

We are here to help.  Whether you are establishing a Lean Portfolio,  prepping and facilitating a big room planning event, or just need to get better at SAFe-style team level agile practices, we have experts that have been there before and can help short-cut your endeavors. We help customers around the globe!

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